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Onyx is a variety of agate and comes from America, Brazil, Canada and several other countries. Onyx is a translucent, calciferous stone similar in makeup to marble. It comes in a wide range of colors, most of which have extreme variation from piece to piece and within one piece. In addition to being one of the most fragile natural stones, onyx is also extremely porous. It will absorb moisture and is extremely susceptible to both etching and stains. To protect the stone, it must be sealed well with an impregnating sealer meant for porous stones. The sealer will help make clean up easier while it helps to protect the stone from future staining. When onyx is well-sealed, water should bead up on its surface as it does on a waxed car. When the stone stops doing this, it should be re-sealed with another coat of impregnating sealer.